Bhutanese team delivering 5-star experiences from the heart

The team at Zhiwa Ling Heritage achieve excellence by working from the heart, offering genuine Bhutanese hospitality and a 5 star hotel experience. Our aim is for balance and harmony where no one is over-burdened and no one is overpowering. Everyone is empowered to think as leaders and act as leaders to innovate and grow in some small way every day.

All staff are highly trained Bhutanese locals from Paro, Thimphu or nearby, many who have earned either a bachelor or masters degree or hospitality diplomas. Our team has worked toward competency via the guidance and support of colleagues, local and international courses and continued learning opportunities. The Zhiwa Ling team works together to provide the best possible experience for you to ensure you become part of the Zhiwa Ling family.

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