Menlha Spa

Spa treatments for mind, body and spirit

Kuzuzangpo la. Welcome to our sanctuary for good health. The traditional therapists at Menlha Spa offer you a heavenly experience where mind, body and spirit can truly relax. Menlha Spa offers a fitness centre, sauna, steam room as well as a traditional Bhutanese outdoor hot-stone bath for your enjoyment. Our steam, sauna and exercise facilities are complimentary for your use.

Each of our treatment rooms are dedicated to one of the aspects of Tara, the radiant goddess. Tara embodies the virtues of compassion, healing, wisdom and fearlessness. She is the most venerated female deity, representing the divine feminine of the Buddha Nature. All treatments begin with your therapist invoking the healing energy of Tara, and conclude with the balancing resonance of the Himalayan singing bowl.

You may choose to enjoy your treatment individually, or share the experience with a friend or loved one in our couple’s room. If you wish to use the steam and sauna please book 1 hour in advance.

Download the Menlha Spa brochure and select your preferred therapy.