Awaken the light within at Zhiwa Ling Heritage

Venture beyond the empty beauty of a hotel chain and experience the warmth and comfort of Zhiwa Ling Heritage - a 5 star hotel living in harmony with nature, culture and tradition.

Zhiwa Ling Heritage is set on 10 acres in the Paro Valley, within easy reach of Bhutan’s most revered temples and monasteries. The hotel was envisioned by a local Bhutanese businessman and handcrafted by local Bhutanese artisans. To this day, Zhiwa Ling Heritage is wholly Bhutanese owned and staffed.

From its traditional Bhutanese architecture to its elegant temple made with 450-year-old timbers to its Swedish under-floor heating, Zhiwa Ling Heritage seamlessly combines past and present in all areas of operation. Bathe in our goodwill and leave with a truer sense of Bhutan in your heart.

Would you also like to spend a day or two in the capital city? Stay at Zhiwa Ling Ascent - our sister hotel in Thimphu.

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